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From Chairman's Desk

      The Kolhapur Institute of Technology established in May 1983, Initially KIT starts some Engineering streams. Once KIT get’s positive response from the students as well as the different organizations in the market, so we decided to start some new courses, because our aim was that student from different environment can also get the knowledge regarding the current Market, Industries and their Management, and we also come to know that this is nothing but an need of the current leading industrialists, organizations’ and educationalists. So Kolhapur Institute of Technology's (KIT) established their new branch in 1994 Institute of Management Education & Research (IMER) as an excellent track record of providing managerial personnel to the business houses and industries across the country.

      Now KIT and specially IMER are proud to present the batch of MBA, BBA students completing their courses during 2010 and we also proud for remarkable performance of the M.C.A. course which recently started. The individual talents and qualities of the students have been reasonable polished and it is hoped that they have the skills useful for the business world. Kindly provide the opportunity to these youngsters to serve your esteemed organization.

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