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M.C.A. Course
    Master Of Computer Application (M.C.A.)

       Considering the current requirement of Computer software development and emerging trends in the Information Technology Industry, there is need to make student aware and synchronize with the skills required in the industry.

       The main objective of the course is to develop different software development skills in the students with current trends in IT industry and to take up student at various positions in the IT Industry such as System Analyst, System Manager, Software Engineers, Web Design Programmers, EDP Managers, Academician in different areas of computer application, Management and Information Technology Industry. Keeping above mottos, curriculum includes extensive study of problem solving and system development and project design and development sessions, and extensive practical sessions in different programming environment under different operating environment. It also includes versatile subjects on business management and business organization.

        This is a full time master degree course. The curriculum of this course is three years divided into three parts of six semesters. Students have to do industrial project in VI semester. For every semester there are seven subjects it contains both compulsory as well as elective and the title of the subjects are as bellow.

Semister I  
 1.Computer Organization and Architecture  
 2.Introduction to Management Function  
 3.Statistical and Numerical Methods  
 4.Procedure Oriented Programming with C++  
 5.Windows Programming with VB  
 6.Practical Lab on C++ & VB  
Semister II  
  1.Operating System  
  2. Accounting and Financial Management  
  3.Software Engineering  
  4.Object Oriented Programming Using C++  
  5.Data and File Structure  
  6.Practical Lab on OPP & DFS  
  7.Mini Project  
Semister III  
 1.Computer Network  
 2.Organizational Behavior and Business Communication.  
 3.Decision Techniques  
 4.Internet Computing  
 5.RDBMS USING Oracle  
 6.Practical Lab on Web design & Oracle  
Semister IV  
  1.Unified Modeling Language  
  2.Software Project Management  
  3.Enterprise Resource Planning  
    4.1.Java Programming
    4.2 Linux Programming
    4.3 Programming in VC++
    4.4 Multimedia Programming
  5. BM-Elective-I
    5.1 Business Innovation
    5.2 Network Security
    5.3 Management Support System
    5.4 Distributed Database System
  6.Practical Lab on IT-Elective I  
  7.Mini Project  
Semister V  
 1.E-Commerce Applications  
 2.Data warehousing and Data Mining  
 3.IT Management  
   4.1 Dot Net Programming
   4.2 SQL Server
   4.3 Image Processing
   4.4 Advanced Web Technology
 5.BM- Elective-II
   5.1 Knowledge Management
   5.2 Information System Audit
   5.3 Cyber Law
   5.4. Managerial Economics
 6.Practical Lab on IT-Elective II  
Semister VI  
 1.Software Development Project  

       Intake Capacity: 60 student's for first year.

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