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B.B.A. Course
  Bachelor Of Business Administration (B.B.A.)

       Considering the current requirement and present scenario of globalization and emerging trends in the Information Technology Industry, there is need to make student aware and synchronize with the skills required in the industry.

        The main objective of this course is to prepare the executives and managers for top level and middle level management in public and private sector organization. Provide conceptual and an in-depth knowledge of different subjects of business education. This course inculcate different skill required in various live business situations problems. This course build up self confidence and competency in students to take up self employable business Ventures. This Course give an adequate exposure to operational environment in the field of management. This again inculcate training to use techniques of management modern for the benefit of all parties concerned and inculcate Entrepreneurship skills.

       This is a full time Bachelor degree programmer. The curriculum of this course is three years divided into five semesters. For every semester there are seven subjects and all these are compulsory one and the title of the subjects are as bellow.

Semister I Semister II
 1.Principles of Management –Paper-I   1.Principles of Management –Paper-II
 2.Financial Accounting Paper-I   2.Financial Accounting Paper-II
 3.Marketing Management- Paper-I   3.Marketing Management- Paper-II
 4.Human Resource Management - Paper-I   4.Human Resource Management - Paper-II
 5.Business Economics (Macro-I)- Paper-I   5.Business Economics (Macro-I)- Paper-II
 6.Business Communication- Paper-   6.Business Communication- Paper-II
 7.Computer Applications in Business- Paper-I   7.Computer Applications in Business- Paper-II
Semister III Semister IV
 1.Management of Business Services –Paper-I   1.Management of Business Services –Paper-II
 2.Cost and Management Accounting –Paper-I   2.Cost and Management Accounting –Paper-II
 3.Production Management   3.Material Management
 4.Business Economics (Macro-II) –Paper-I   4.Business Economics (Macro-II) –Paper-II
 5.Entrepreneurship Development –Paper-I   5.Entrepreneurship Development –Paper-II
 6.Statistical Techniques for Business –Paper-I   6.Statistical Techniques for Business –Paper-II
 7.E-Commerce –Paper-I   7.E-Commerce –Paper-II
Semister V Semister VI
 1.Practices in Modern Management–Paper-I   1.Practices in Modern Management–Paper-II
 2.Recent Trends in Marketing –Paper-I   2.Recent Trends in Marketing –Paper-II
 3.Financial Management –Paper-I   3.Financial Management –Paper-II
 4.Fundamentals of Business Laws and Tax Laws.Paper-I   4.Fundamentals of Business Laws and Tax
 5.Foundation of human skills –Paper-I   5.Foundation of human skills –Paper-II
 6.International Business –Paper-I   6.International Business –Paper-I
 7.Research Methodology   7.Project Work

Intake Capacity: 80 student's for first year.

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